Monday, March 14, 2011

What could I do with this photo?

2010 AAPT Photo Contest Honorable Mention - Contrived Category

by Archan Baldev Luhar

School: Medfield High School

Teacher: Mr. Richard Shapiro

I've been in love with this photo for sometime now. I see a couple of good questions here, including some that I think could spark discussion and argumentation, representation, and problem solving (given a bit more info about the photo). What do you think? What do you notice about the photo? What questions do you see? What could you do with this?


  1. Great picture! You might be interested in this series of pictures I put together for the same concept:

  2. Thanks for sharing Frank. On a similar theme, check out this one, here

  3. Also, Frank, I really like the sequence of the photos as you have given then. Something translating. One thing spinning. Two things spinning. Spinning and translating. Something about that sequence really helps to scaffold it.